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Rory James: Your Horror Host Extraordinaire

Hello there world. This is Rory James, taking over the Scream Khaleesi blog for a spell. You might be wondering who I am. And that’s a reasonable thing to wonder. I’m a horror host of a small Youtube channel, and I’m working on setting up a podcast. Thrilling, I know. I’m also very much interested in exploring the paranormal. But I think what you’d prefer is a brief summary of who am.

  • 25 years old
  • Washington, DC resident
  • I had a paranormal experience as a teenager. That’s what motivated me to focus on horror and the unknown. What’s my story? Well, that’s for me to tell you, later. 😀

So why did I take over this blog? I figured that Catalina’s blog would be a good place to reach out to people, despite how few followers she may have. Maybe we can teach one another a few things about the paranormal. After all, there’s a lot more to this world than meets the eye, isn’t there?

Expect a new post from me very soon, explaining my own experiences with the paranormal.

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