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Radio Remix

Wow, this is a late blog, but I do have a lot to say!

So this radio show was the first audio assignment that I’ve really tackled. Luckily, my group members were on it. We created a Google doc which made communication a lot easier. We wrote out a script, and from there, we each tackled our own separate sections.

I had some technical trouble on my end. My computer decided that any ability to record audio was overrated. So, I turned to my phone, which fortunately has pretty good recording software. I read through my sections of the script, and I tried to change my voice for each character. I’m not exactly sure how well I did on that part, but it happened!

Next, came the bumper, which I had to do from scratch. I’m embarrassed to say that this radio show was what initiated my first encounter with Audacity. And, at first, I hated it. I can’t even begin to explain how many different Youtube tutorials and articles I had to go through, and the majority of them were useless. Finally, after a few tears were shed, I figured out how to use the program. And that’s when the fun began.

I downloaded a bunch of fair use sound effects (I think I looked up “Spooky sounds download” on Google) and toyed with them. Then, I called my roommate in, and asked her to record the intro. I put her voice into Audacity, but it still BlueHost优惠码 didn’t have quite the effect I wanted. She suggested I try using Google Speak, and then overlaying her voice with the computer’s. I tried it out, and was pleased with the result. Adding some reverb and echo helped intensify the spookiness.

After a few more Audacity tears, I learned how to overlay my group members’ audio files with my own. Then, I sent them to Kirk, who put the show together.

I really, really enjoyed live Tweeting the shows, even though I’m pretty sure my followers were thoroughly confused by what was happening. But it was really interesting to hear how the rest of my classmates approached the assignment, and how they all differed. Since this is an online class, it’s easy to forget that there are so many other people taking it. It was cool being able to put a voice to a name.

Overall, I really adored this assignment, despite my own personal issues with the tech used. I was proud that I was able to do an entire group project online, as well as learn how to use a program essentially on my own. I guess all I can say is… This is Corpus Melus, signing off.